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Boxed gracelyn s first christmas


Sometimes the littlest of things take up the most room in our hearts. This album celebrates all the wonderful changes that first special year of life brings.

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Boxed mcdonald second look 6

Just Married Kiss

McDonald Wedding

On March 11th, 2016 M²Photography was proud to provide photography services for the joining of Donavon and Tiphanie McDonald. This beautiful wedding ceremony took place at ...

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Boxed megan maternity with jeff 5 b w

You Can Feel The Love

Megan's Maternity Session

On July 2nd, 2016 I was excited to be invited to the Webber household in order to photograph one of their final days before becoming first time parents. The love they have ...

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Boxed gracelyn newborn 6

I love that smile!


Those first two weeks after you bring a newborn home are so unique and special. I am always grateful for opportunity to photograph life's little comforts and frustrations a...

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Boxed atlantis christmas photo resize for website

Christmas Magic

Pet Portraits

Every pet no matter how big or small deserves to be celebrated. They give us love, companionship, and put smiles on our faces. So this album is dedicated to the furry, scal...

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Boxed dc stables 10b

Valerie and Atticus

Valerie's Stable Session

Valerie invited me out to photograph her and her handsome horse Atticus as they did their daily workout. It was a perfect August afternoon, and I can't think of a better wa...

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Boxed fennec resize

One Sly Fennec


Seeing wildlife is like seeing celebrities, only better. If I have my camera ready it's like winning the lottery.

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