Dynamic parakeets purple orange red yellow no background

M² Photography Receives a Mark of Excellence

These colorful little birds won a Mark of Excellence in the 2016 Week 22 Free Photo Competition! They were photographed inside the parakeet house at the Reston Zoo in Northern Virginia. As a photographer and animal lover I greatly enjoy the challenge of trying to take excellent photos of the world's wildlife ambassadors.

With this particular photo I took a little bit of creative license in post-processing to enhance/alter the color of the birds in order to represent the work of dedicated lorikeet breeders all around the world. This photograph is now available as stock photography, if you would like to purchase this photograph as a print or art piece for your home or office collection please contact us.

Competition Results: http://www.i-shot-it.com/photo-competition-results.php?pcid=5740f3b44d45f